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 Your help is needed to help prevent Drain Pain in the Village.  Please be aware of what you put down your drains.  Grease poured into the sewer system over a period of time can, and will, cause blockages in our sewer lines.  The removal of these blockages is costly to the Village but often can result in sewage back-up in your homes.  We ask you to be mindful of what goes down the drain.  Please place grease and solids waste into a container and dispose of it in the trash.  Also, avoid pushing items into the storm drain system.  Grass clippings, yard waste, or pouring of oil/chemicals into the storm drain system will create blockages and negatively impact our eco-system. 

                                                        Thank you for your cooperation!


The Village of Claycomo, MO requires every dog in the village be licensed.  Dog licenses can be obtained by completing the Dog License form and submitting it, in person, at City Hall along with the appropriate fee.  Licenses must be obtained for each individual dog within 30 days after the dogs arrival in the village.  License must be renewed every year thereafter before the 31st of January. 

The Animal Control Officer picks up and holds all unlicensed dogs for 5 days before transferring them to larger Animal Control facilities in outside of the area.  If your dog is properly licensed the Animal Control officer will attempt to coordinate the return of your pet to you during the five day holding period.

Lost animals can be reclaimed by contacting City Hall at 816-452-5539


The Village of Claycomo currently is in contract with Clay County Planning and Zoning for inspections and codes enforcement.  Inspections are under the 2012 International Building Codes. 


The Claycomo Public Works Department is responsible for a number of functions in the Village.   Some of their activities include Parks; Animal Control; Codes and Enforcement; and City Maintenance.