​​Recent Changes to Ordinances and Fire Codes

1.Ordinance # 2870, passed June 22nd, 2009 - Key Lock Box
    a.Chapter 12, Section 24, "Key Lock Box System" requires key lock boxes for:
        i.any commercial, industrial that are have remotely monitored fire alarms or automatic suppression systems
        ii.Multi-family occupancies that have restricted access through locked doors of have secured common corridor for access to living units.
    b.The Claycomo Fire Department utilized the Knox Box system for Key Lock Box

2.Ordinance # 2978, passed November 13th, 2017 - Smoke Detectors & Carbon Monoxide
    a.Chapter 12, Section 12-40 - "Smoke Alarms in rental Units" required Smoke alarms in property rented or leased, or otherwise provided to the            public for housing or sleeping accommodations. 
    b.Chapter 12, Section 12-41 - "Carbon Monoxide alarms in rental units".  Require Carbon Monoxide Alarms in units that have sources of Carbon          Monoxide in or attached to them.

Open Burning
With the adoption of the IFC, we will allow recreational burning with restrictions.  The IFC will replace/supersede the current Open Burning Ordinance Chapter 12, Section 12-36. 

  1. The material being burned or consumed must be seasoned wood, or small tree branches (no green wood, brush or leaves) similar to that being used in a fireplace or charcoal only.
  2. Open burning restricted to periods when surface wind speeds are 15 mph or less. (except portable outdoor fire places and BBQ grills).
  3. Permits are Required for Bon and Recreational Fires (no fee), for Commercial open burning, Mo DNR and Claycomo Permits are required.
  4. Fire Department must be notified prior to burning.
  5. Types of Fire and Locations
    1. Bonfires - Not within 50 feet of a structure or combustible material unless contained in a barbecue Pit.  Dimensions shall not exceed 6 feet in diameter or 6 feet in height, and shall be approved by Fire department, and permit obtained.
    2. Recreational Fires - 25 feet from a structure or combustible materials, and the pile size is 3 feet or less in diameter, and 3 feet or less in height.
    3. Portable Outdoor fireplaces - Commercially built fireplaces, on privately owned 1-2 family dwelling.  Located minimum of 15 feet of                combustible materials, decks or patios.
  6. All fires shall be constantly attended until fire is extinguished.  Not fewer than one portable fire extinguisher with 4-A rating or other approved on site extinguishing agent shall be available.

Businesses (Not all-inclusive)

  1. Addresses shall be legible and placed in a position visible from the street fronting the property.  Identification characters shall contrast their background.  Each Character height shall be a minimum of 4", and minimum stroke width of 1/2".  In cases of multiple tenants in a building with more than one door, the address or suite# shall be posted on the exterior or each door.
  2. For multitenant occupancies shall have secondary addresses on or adjacent to doors.
  3. Knox Boxes are required to access a structure or area because of secured openings.  They must be installed in approved areas.
  4. Knox Locks may be installed on Fire Department Connections.  New Fire Department Connections shall be 4" Storz Quick coupling connectors.
  5. Fire Department Connections shall be marked with 6 inch sign with "FDC" 4 inches high, with red letters on white background.  Standpipes will also be marked the same way.

Vacant Buildings and Tenant Spaces (Not all-inclusive)

  1. Vacant buildings and tenant spaces are subject to inspection. 
  2. Temporarily unoccupied buildings, structures, premises or portions thereof, including tenant spaces, shall be safeguarded and maintained in accordance with Sections 311.1.1 through 311.6.
  3. Buildings, structures and premises for which an owner cannot be identified or located by dispatch of a certificate of mailing to the last known or registered address, which persistently or repeatedly become unprotected or unsecured, which have been occupied by unauthorized persons or for illegal purposes, or which present a danger of structural collapse or fire spread to adjacent properties shall be considered to be abandoned, declared unsafe and abated by demolition or rehabilitation in accordance with the International Property Maintenance Code and the International Building Code.
  4. Exterior and interior openings open to other tenants or unauthorized persons shall be boarded, locked, blocked or otherwise protected to prevent entry by unauthorized individuals. The fire code official is authorized to placard, post signs, erect barrier tape or take similar measures as necessary to secure public safety.
  5. Fire alarm, sprinkler and stand-pipe systems shall be maintained in an operable condition at all times.
  6. Fire-resistance-rated partitions, fire barriers and fire walls separating vacant tenant spaces from the remainder of the building shall be maintained. Openings, joints and penetrations in fire-resistance-rated assemblies shall be protected in accordance with Chapter 7.
  7. Persons owning, or in charge or control of, a vacant building or portion thereof, shall remove therefrom all accumulations of combustible materials, flammable or combustible waste or rubbish and shall securely lock or otherwise secure doors, windows and other openings to prevent entry by unauthorized persons. The premises shall be maintained clear of waste or hazardous materials.

The Village of Claycomo has adopted the International Fire Code (IFC) 2018 edition.  This is an initial step in a continued effort to make the Village safer for the residents, businesses and visitors.  With the adoption of the Fire Code, we will start doing Fire Safety Inspections, there will be requirements that hadn’t been enforced in quite a while, or even at all.  There will also be new ones that become industry standards.  The main purpose of fire inspections is education and increase the safety of the Village.  We know that starting inspections will be slow and frustrating at times, but we are here to help.  While we can't put the entire fire code in here, I wanted to highlight some of the changes, additions, and remind people of other ordinances.

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