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            WHEREAS, There has been established by Ordinance and Order of the Court, a Traffic Violations Bureau for the Municipal Court of the Village of Claycomo, Missouri; and

            WHEREAS, The Clerk of the Municpal Court has been appointed by the Court as Violations Clerk for the Traffic Violations Bureau, in accordance with Missouri Supreme Court Rule 37.49; and

            WHEREAS, Effective August 28, 2016 the following violations and offenses may be paid through the Traffic Violations Bureau, and the Traffic Violations Clerk may make receipt for the payment thereof, either before the Defendant’s court date by mail or at the Court’s cashier window during the regular business hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm, Monday through Friday with the exception of holidays as set forth by ordinance by the Village of Claycomo Board of Trustees. Payment by a Defendant of fines and costs through the Violations Bureau constitutes a plea of guilty to the ordinance violation charges and waiver of trial. It shall be the function of the Traffic Violations Clerk to accept entry of appearance, waiver of trial, plea of guilty and payment of fines and court costs for the offenses designated herein, or when otherwise ordered by the Municipal Court Judge. Each violation charged (with the exception of a seatbelt violation) shall require payment of a $27.00 Court Costs, which shall be collected by the Traffic Violations Bureau and includes the following:

a.      Court Costs $11.50; and

b.     Law Officer Training (State) $1.00; and

c.      Law Officer Training (Village) $2.00; and

d.     Judicial Training $1.00; and

e.      Domestic Violence Fund $1.00; and

f.      Crime Victims’ Compensation Fund (State) $7.13; and

g.     Crime Victims’ Compensation Fund (Village) $0.37; and

h.     Sheriff’s Retirement Fund Surcharge $3.00.

Cash, money order or credit cards are accepted at the clerk’s cashier window, and money orders are accepted through the mail.

**If an accident is involved with any citation a court appearance is mandatory**


Failure To Maintain A Single Lane Of Traffic                                                                     127.00

Failure To Signal Turn/Improper Turn                                                                                127.00

Failure To Stop At A Red Light/Posted Stop Sign                                                              127.00

Failure To Yield Right Of Way (No Accident)                                                                      127.00

Failure To Yield Right Of Way To An Emergency Vehicle (No Accident)                              225.00

Failure To Yield Right Of Way While Executing A Left Turn (No Accident)                          127.00

Driving Upon Berm or Shoulder In Opposite Direction Of Traffic                                        127.00

Excessive Acceleration                                                                                                       127.00

Following Too Closely (No Accident)                                                                                   127.00

Crossing Of Median Strip Where Prohibited                                                                       127.00

U-Turn Where Prohibited                                                                                                    127.00

Improper Backing                                                                                                                127.00

No Valid Drivers License                                                                                                

                    Valid License At Time of Plea                                                                          152.00

                    No Valid License At Time of Plea                                                                     225.00

Improper Display of Registration

                    One Plate On Vehicle                                                                                     127.00

                    No Plates On Vehicle                                                                                      127.00

Improper Registration

                    With Proof Of Registration                                                                              127.00

                    Without Proof of Registration                                                                          202.00

No Headlights When Required By Law                                                                               127.00

Operating A Motor Vehicle On A Sidewalk                                                                          225.00

Driving The Wrong Way On A One-Way (Street Or Shoulder)                                           127.00

Failure To Provide Proof Of Insurance                                                                              

                     With Proof of Insurance At Time Of Plea                                                       127.00

                    Without Proof of Insurance At Time Of Plea                                                   202.00

Manner Of Walking Along A Roadway                                                                                127.00

Defective Equipment                                                                                                          127.00

Did Leave Keys Unattended In Vehicle                                                                              127.00

Did Litter                                                                                                                            127.00

Failure To Dim Headlights                                                                                                  127.00

No Taillights When Required By State Law                                                                        127.00

Parking Where Prohibited                                                                                                  127.00

Loud Or Inadequate Mufflers                                                                                             127.00

Failing To Wear A Safety Helmet When Required                                                              127.00

Failure To Wear A Seatbelt                                                                                                  10.00

No Child Restraint (Under 4 Years of Age)                                                                         127.00

Inoperable Vehicle-Disabled Vehicle Parked In Excess Of 10 Hours                                   127.00

Parking In A Method That Obstructs Traffic                                                                        127.00

Failure To Register Or License Animals Per Ordinance                                                      127.00

Failure To Affix Dog Tag To Dog Collar As Required By Ordinance                                    127.00

Permitting Dog/Animal/Fowl To Run At Large                                                                     127.00

SPEEDING (If 25 mph over the limit or higher, court appearance is mandatory)_________

1-10 mph over                                                                                                                     100.00

11-15 mph over                                                                                                                   125.00

16-20 mph over                                                                                                                   150.00

21-24 mph over                                                                                                                   175.00

The fines schedule established by this Order becomes effective for citations with offense dates on or after August 28, 2016.

The fine schedule established by this Order supersedes all other Traffic Violations Bureau fine schedules.


Will Points Be Assessed On My License

Points are assessed on your license by the Missouri Department of Revenue. The Claycomo Municipal Court has no authority over the Missouri Point System. 

View the MO Department of Revenue Points Table


If you accumulate eight (8) points in eighteen (18) months, your driving privilege will be suspended for thirty (30) days if it is the first suspension, sixty (60) days if it is the second suspension, and ninety (90) days if it is the third suspension. If you accumulate twelve (12) points in twelve (12) months, eighteen (18) points twenty-four (24) months, or twenty-four (24) points in thirty-six (36) months, your driving privilege will be revoked for one (1) year.

The municipal court does not have access to the amount of points assessed on your license.  You may contact the Missouri Department of Revenue at (573) 526-2407 to find out about non-personal information such as traffic tickets and suspension/revocation-related information.

View the MO Department of Revenue Tickets and Points Site