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1.  Abandoned, discarded, or unused objects or equipment such as furniture,stoves, refrigerators, freezers,   toilets, water heaters, air conditioners, sinks, broken wares, old wearing apparel, broken concrete, slag, wire, grass, dead limbs, leaves, brush, logs, weeds, foliage or shrub cuttings or clippings, or any offensive or disagreeable substance or thing thrown, cast, dropped, blown, spilled, poured, discharged or swept, left or deposited by anyone in or upon any premises is prohibited. Sec. 21-2 c

2. The outside storage of any vehicle, which is not: currently licensed, immediately operable under its own power, wrecked, partially dismantled any of its parts, are not permitted sitting outside on any property. Sec 21-1 j

3. A live or dead tree which constitutes a hazard to the safety of persons or property, private or public is prohibited.
Sec 21-2 e

4.  Building material, abandoned or stored in any area where construction is not in progress and in an area not properly zoned for storage unless the appropriate permits have been issued is prohibited.  Temporary
storage of building materials for projects not requiring a permit may be stored in the open but shall be placed at least eighteen inches off the ground and stacked neatly.
Sec. 21-1 f

5.  Weeds or noxious plants allowed to stand any season of the year are prohibited.
Sec. 21-2 g

6.  Grass and brush allowed to grow and stand upon any property to a height greater than eighteen inches is prohibited.
Sec. 21-2 h

7.  Any condition which provides harbor for rats, mice, snakes or other vermin is prohibited.
Sec. 21-2 k

8.  Any accumulation of stagnant water permitted or maintained on any property is prohibited.
Sec. 21-2 n

9.  Trash containers can be left at the curb no earlier than twelve hours prior to the scheduled pickup and not later than twelve hours after the scheduled pickup. Sec. 14-22 a

10.  Trash / garbage shall not be permitted outside on a property except when contained in a secure container not more than ten feet from the building and not in front of the building so as to be in between the building and street. Sec. 14-22 b

11.  Vehicles licensed over 18,ooo lbs. prohibited on residential streets unless delivering articles within Village limits using a direct route and immediately exiting the Village. Sec 27-84